Wednesday, March 1, 2017

And the Oscar goes to...oh wait

Hello kids! How is hump day treating you all? I’ve been studying non stop for my last 1st year final, which I have on Friday, wish me good luck.

¡Buenas! ¿Cómo los trata este miércoles a todos? Estuve estudiando sin parar para mi último examen de primer año, que tengo este viernes, ¡deseenme suerte!

Anyways, last Sunday in between breaks I watched the Oscar’s, which were so amazing, everything was so wonderful (even that mistake, I’m still laughing). But I also watched the Red Carpet and had my eyes glue to Instagram watching every dress and I saved my favorites (I am loving that new feature in Instagram where you can save pictures). Here is a bit of a round up of them:

En recreos del estudio vi los Oscars que fueron increibles, todo fue increíble, (hasta el error, del cual me sigo riendo). Pero también, vi la alfombra roja y tuve mis ojos pegados a Instagram mirando todos los vestido y guardando mis favoritos (amo la nueva función de Instagram donde podes guardar fotos). Acá hay un resumen de ellos:

Josephine Skriver in Prabal Gurung; Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad; Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney

Can you believe Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen are even real? Like wow, I love this two so much.
¿Pueden creer que Karlie Kloss y Chrissy Teigen son reales? Wow, los amo a las dos.

Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph and Russo; Leslie Mann in Carolina Herrera; Felicity Jones in Dior

Isabelle Huppert in Armani; Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph and Russo; Alessandra Ambrosio in Ralph and Russo

I’ve been really into light colors myself (shocking, I know) so all this really light dresses were a dream to me. They all look so fresh and I love the little details in gold or silver in some of them like in Isabelle Huppert dress.

Ultimamente, me estan gustando más los colores claros (sorprendente para mi, lo se) entonces estos vestidos claros fueron un sueño para mi. Todos parecen fresco y me encantan los detalles en dorado o plateado que tienen algunos como el de Isabelle Huppert.
Demi Lovato in Monique Lhuillier; Miranda Kerr in Miu Miu; Olivia Munn in Giambattista Valli

I need to comment on Demi’s look because wow, I’ve been a fan of her since Camp Rock and this is her best look so far, her makeup was stunning and that dress was so beautiful. Really amazing.

Necesito comentar en el estilo de Demi porque wow, soy fan de ella desde Camp Rock y este fue su mejor look por ahora, su maquillaje es sorprendente y el vestido es muy lindo. Realmente increible.

Portia Doubleday in Naeem Khan; Jasmine Tookes in Zuhair Murad; Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saab

Lea Michele in Elie Saab; Lily Collins in Elie Saab; Emma Roberts in Armani

If you can’t tell by now, I am Elie Saab biggest fan.
Si todavía no te diste cuenta, soy fan número uno de Elie Saab.

Emma Stone in Givenchy; Allison Williams in Miu Miu; Taraji P. Henson in Alberta Ferretti

I’ve notice that there was a lot of leg slit this year, and I am so into it. I feel like it adds something sexy to any look and honestly all this ladies pull it off so nicely.
Me di cuenta que este año hubo mucho tajo en la pierna y me encanta. Siento que le agrega algo sexy al look y honestamente todas pudieron lucirlo muy bien.

What were your favorite looks in The Oscar’s?


Picture Credit: Vogue-Vanity Fair-Hollywood Reporter-Just Jared

Monday, February 27, 2017


Hi, hello. I don’t think that you remember me, since I haven't been in here in years. You are more than welcome to look around my posts to remember me.  But I am here now, and I am back. So, I don’t have any good reason why I didn't post, I guess I was lazy? I was tired? Or I was getting my shiz together. I was really getting out there and trying to figure out a couple of things which need to be figure out. Yeah, I’m not making much sense. I made a list to sum up my life this last few months:
Hola, hola. No creo que se acuerden de mi ya que hace años que no estoy acá. Están más que bienvenidos a mirar otros posts para acordarse quién soy. Pero estoy acá, ahora y he vuelto. No tengo una buena razón por la cual no subía post, ¿capaz era vagas? ¿Estaba cansada? O capaz, tenía que componer. Estaba allá afuera y tratando de descifrar algunas cosas que debían ser descifradas. Si, ya se, no tiene mucho sentido. Hice una lista para resumir mi vida estos últimos meses:

  1. I am driving now. Yes, Pili is finally getting out there and goes to school on her own, she buys her own donuts and she gets her cold coffee alone.
1.  Manejo ahora. Si, PIli por fin salió y ahora va a la universidad sola, compra donas sola y va a comprar café frío sola.
  1. I’ve been traveling. I went to Europe twice (I’m working on getting myself to write about this) and I went to Paraguay once (which I only wrote an extremely personal diary entry about).
2. Estuve viajando. Fui a Europa dos veces (Estoy trabajando en escribir sobre esto) y fui a Paraguay una vez (solo escribí una entrada extremadamente personal para mi diario).
  1. I became one of those obsessively healthy people. Nah, I’m kidding. But I started running, going back to spinning classes again and I saw a nutritionist to eat healthier. So, maybe I am a healthier person.
3. Me transforme en esas personas obsesionadas con la salud. Nah, mentira. Pero si empecé a correr, volví a ir a clases de spinning y fui a una nutricionista para comer sano.Entonces, capas si soy una persona sana.
  1. I got a photography Instagram. I love photography so much, it has been a passion of mine for years. So I decided to share with people in my new Instagram.
4. Me hice un Instagram de fotografía. Amo la fotografía, es una pasión mía hace año. Entonces decidí compartirlo con las personas en mi nuevo Instagram.

A little catch up on my life this few months. I promise that I WILL write this year. I have so many ideas and I missed the blogging community so much. I know I say this every year, but since last year was the year to get my life together, I now promise to blog more, I promise to be here more often.
Un pequeño resumen de mi  vida estos meses. Prometo que este año voy a escribir. Tengo tantas ideas y extraño tanto la comunidad de bloggers. Sé que digo esto todos los años, pero como el año pasado fue el año de descifrar mi vida este año prometo subir mas cosas al blog, prometo estar acá más seguido.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Breathing and Pounding

I’m a writer and like every other writer I can’t take things lightly, I can’t help but feel more than what others feel. Also, as a writer I like to imagine I have something going on my mind that is different than the rest of the world.
I should probably tell you the medical definition of panic attacks, but I’ll make it personal, and tell you mines. Panic attacks usually happen in stressful, anxious situations, situations where I do not feel comfortable, or situations which are trigger to previous time I had felt anxious. Then it all starts: heart pounding, breath quickens, tears threaten, feeling disoriented, and scary thoughts. Everything at once. Everything without a head ups. Everything without you knowing why. And everything stops abruptly, but like any strong feeling, the hangover reminds. Why? Why did that just happened? Why did I feel all that? Because you have panic attacks, because you have anxiety, because you feel too much at once.
I don’t think there is a perfect way to explain when I get anxious, of course I get before a big exams, or a presentation, but I also get it in a crowded cafeteria, I also get it when I have to talk on the phone, or when I have to ask for something in a store. It is not the normal before an exam anxiety, is “I have to deal with humans” anxiety.
It started around December/January when I struggling with sleeping at night, I will turn and turn but it wasn't just I couldn’t find the right position. I would close my eyes and my mind wouldn't shut up, at the time I didn’t have any obligations, so I was not struggling with exams or deadlines, they were just thoughts. My breath got quick, my heart beat loud… and so on and on. I thought it was only stress, but somehow it felt more than stress. I talked to my mother and she pointed out anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve heard of them many time but somehow they felt a little bit distance to me, like I was not allowed to deal with them, I was never involved in a traumatic experience, was I? It was always stress to me. But as I did more research (always trustworthy sources), I realize that  everything felt real, I was struggling with how anxiety was describe by people. Being honest, it scared me. Was I going to deal with it always? Was it going to stop me? Does it sucks?
It does sucks. It sucks because sometimes you can’t go out, sometimes you need to leave a classroom because it is too much. It sucks because people don’t understand. It is so hard to explain to someone how you feel when you are anxious, just like someone suffering from depression can’t explain depression to someone, because it is not just sadness, it is more. It is not just feeling anxious, it is more. It is not just a final, it is more. Maybe that is what we can call it, “it is not is more.” Not just a phone call, not just a photo, not just a message, not just pain, not just talking in class, it feels ten times heavier, ten times harder to proceed. It sucks, anxiety just sucks. Every word feels heavy, when someone brush you off, it is not just to the side, for me it is out of your life, you don’t want me anymore. We feel everything, ten times how a regular person does.

I am learning to slowly live with it. As I write this, I can tell you that last night I toss and turn for hours because my heart was loud, my breathing… I am in this slow process of understanding that is ok to feel everything, is ok to allowed myself to avoid a phone call, it is ok to allowed myself to have some nice tea and a book just to relax. I am learning  to understand what are my triggers as well, since December is just a right around the corner and lots of memories and flashbacks are coming to me. I am learning that pulling away from some people has help me to understand why I was so suffocated a few months ago. I am learning that taking sometime off from your regular life and from certain people helps me feel better. I have yet to find an actual method to make myself feel better when the world is loud, music helps, writing helps, reading helps, swimming helps, even friends help. I am open to anyone telling me how they deal with anxiety and panic attacks as well. I hope everyone understand a little bit better why I sometimes need to be alone and understand that many things you do in your daily life, to me are hard. And I hope after finally opening up about this I can feel a bit better about being scared of making a phone call.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Met Gala 2016 Part 2: Make up and Hair

From left to right: Hailee Steinfeld, Taylor Swift, Poppy Delevingne, Allison Williams

The first thing that call my eyes from Hailee’s look was her eye make up, and if I’m honest I am not a fan of her lipstick but that is because I always prefer a more matte lipstick. I was disappointed in Taylor’s dress because I always really like them but this year I was not a big fan, her hair however, I’ve been obsessed since day 1, I love how she dared to bleach it, and her makeup was so beautiful, the way they highlighted her lips and leaving a more casual look for her eyes. Poppy also went for a dark lipstick which I am currently obsessed with (must.get.more). Lastly, Alison Willms lipstick was also one of my favorite but what really stuck me from her look is her hair and the little silver detail on the side.

 Amandla Stenberg, Lily Collins, Elle Fanning, Kate Upton

Everyone knows I adore septums rings and everytime I get to wear my fake one I do (don’t care how many times they tell me to stop), so of course I was drawn to her look, also I want whatever she is doing to her eyebrows done with mines. But if we are talking about eyebrows everyone knows Lily Collins is the queen here, I think they are every girls dreams (I’m no exception).  Regarding Elle’s her makeup is so natural, I love it, as well as her high pony tail. And Kate just looks flawless, no words needed.

Amber Heard, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez

I don’t know what to say about Amber because she just looks flawless, the way her hair looks with her red lipstick and natural eye makeup is beautiful beyond words. I love Bella’s hair it has a old movie star vibe and her natural makeup look just brings out her green eyes. Do we even have to talk about how flawless Kendall Jenner is? Because I think there are no words needed. Selena Gomez make up and high pony tails just brings out how beautiful her face is and I adore it.

Emma Roberts; Emma Stone; Jourdan Dunn; Kristen Stewart

Emma Roberts really stole the show with her dress in my other post, her makeup was also beautiful and I love her hair with the braids on the side, her purple eyeliner brought up her honey brown eyes. Emma Stone with dark hair looks as amazing as Emma with red hair, and everyone know I love dark makeup so I will be stealing that look. Jourdan Dunn’s hair was literally goals, love the nice ombre with black and grey. Lastly, Kristen Stewart make up, not only stuck with the theme but I always enjoy a dramatic eye look, plus love her hair.

Photo credit: Vogue and JustJared

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Met Gala 2016 Part 1: Dresses

Anna Wintour, Jonathan Ive, Miuccia Prada, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift and Nicolas Chesquiere

I think I was more excited about the MET Gala than those who were actually going (hopefully in a few years i will say “I was less excited as Pili from 2016 to go” get it?). I just love how this is an entire night for fashion and to show everyone's pieces of art, because in the end all this dresses and fashion are pieces of art. So, Monday night I spent the entire night texting with my friend about the celebrities and all their beautiful dresses, makeup and hair. Since there was so much to say about the night I decided to divided in two posts, the first one, this one,  is about the dresses and the second one will be about makeup and hair. I have to be honest and tell you that I was a big fan of this years theme and I was shocked by how long my list of favorites actually was. Here is a little recap on all my favorites outfits:

From left to right: Anna Ewers in Boss; Allison Williams in Peter Pilotto; Dee Hilfiger in Tommy Hilfiger; Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger.

I really love how a lot of the designer work with a metallic look to stick with the theme. Both of Tommy Hilfiger looks are just dreamy, I’m a huge fan of everything Ombré so Dee Hilfiger is amazing as well as Gigi’s sheer and her metallic manicure and fingers.

Alexa Chung in Thakoon; Brie Larson in Proenza Schouler; Tavi Gevinson in Coach; Chloe Grace Moretz in Coach.

First, I’d like to point out how I was never a fan of suits on girls, I always enjoyed dresses way more but this Thakoon one is a huge exception, Alexa definitely rocked it and I love not only the low cut but the cute little rhinestone it has. The two Coach dresses, Chloe’s with little metallic  details to stick with the theme and Tavi’s which had a pretty classy look, are amazing.

Nina Dobrev in Marchesa; Amber Heard in Ralph Lauren Collection; Rachel McAdams in Valentino Haute Couture; Zoey Deutch in Dolce & Gabbana.

I have to say that Rachel McAdams was one of my ultimate favorite one, and of course it was Valentino, but not only was her dress beautiful but her makeup was impeccable as well. Also Amber Heard blew me away, her dress and hair just scream perfection.

Blake Lively in Burberry; Claire Danes in Zac Posen; Adriana Lima in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture; Zoe Saldana in Dolce & Gabbana.

There is so much to say from this pictures. First, Blake Lively can look amazing in everything and this one is no exception I love the little details with the red flowers on the side, but I do have to say I was not a fan of the back of the dress, but the front part totally makes it up. Next, I mean Zac Posen made a dress that lights up, how amazing is that? I was like: Last one is Zoe’s one, which the tails looks like the most beautiful and delicate peacock.

Emma Roberts in Tory Burch; Katie Holmes in Zac Posen, Karlie Kloss in Brandon Maxwell; Lorde in Valentino.

I’d like to say how Emma Roberts is really fighting for the best one with Rachel McAdams, because not only is that dress amazing but her makeup and hair are just unbelievable. Although, Katie’s dress is amazing, I did not like her hair and how it cover part of the dress, but from what we can see-which is most of it- it is a beautiful dress. Karlie Kloss is the queen of freaking everything, so no comments here. Lastly, Lorde had the ultimate accessory with that cast, way to go and be original, Ella! Btw: I hope you heal soon, in the meantime saw how everyone sign here cast, jealous.


Photo credit: JustJared and Vogue

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cocomelody Dresses! *

I think it was the MET Gala and seeing all the beautiful dress that got me in the mood to write this post. I’ve talk about this brand before, Cocomelody , and their amazing wedding dresses, but now i’m taking the time to also talk about their beautiful lace bridesmaid dresses , I love how they have different lengths and love the top part so much, I actually search for a while for one like that for my graduation dress. They also have a lot of different colors, so any bride can choose.

Speaking of the MET, Cocomelody also has designer wedding dresses . I love this one because i really like the bottom part, how it falls looks so cute.

Lastly, they also have some an amazing sale, you should check out!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Adventure #1: Two hours of feeling too much under the rain

Caminando por Buenos Aires en plena lluvia tome la decisión de que iba contar las aventuras que tenía este año, no solo eso sino que también las iba a escribir, para tener un registro de los sentimientos que siento cuando estoy ahí.
Walking through Buenos Aires in the rain, I made the decision I was going to count my adventures this year, not only that but I was going to write about them, to keep records of my feelings while I was there.

El viernes fue la primera aventura del año, de muchas que estoy esperando con ansias.  
On Friday it was the first adventure I was having this year and there are more to come which I am waiting anxiously.

Lo primero que tuve que hacer fue: ir a Buenos Aires sola cuando llovía sin parrar. Camine un par de cuadras tapada con la campera de mi mama y cuidando mi cartera hasta llegar al shopping para refugiarme hasta que era hora de ir a mi próximo destino. Empezó a llover aún más cuando llegue y decidí que en vez de tomarme un colectivo me iba a tomar un taxi, el problema fue: Buenos Aires, viernes a la tarde, lluvia torrencial, nop, no iba a poder conseguir taxi. Después de 15 minutos viendo como pasaban y pasaban todos llenos vi uno vacío, pero una chica ya lo había parado, me miro y me dijo: “Voy a Belgrano.” Sacudí la cabeza y le dije que no, porque iba hasta Retiro. Cuando por fin lo conseguí y llegue a Retiro, etc. Esto no es importante porque quiero hablar de la mejor parte del día, y no, no es el hecho de que no me perdí en Buenos Aires por primera vez.
The first thing I had to do was going to Buenos Aires alone, when it was raining nonstop. I walked a few blocks, wearing my mom’s jacket and guarding my purse, until I got to the shopping to find shelter until it was time for my next destination. It started to rain harder and decided to take a taxi instead of the bus, now the issue here was: Buenos Aires, Friday afternoon, pouring rain, nop, I was not going to find a taxi. After 15 minutes of watching cabs drive by with passengers inside, I saw one that was empty but the girl behind me had stopped it first, she turned to me and told me “I’m going to Belgrano,” I shook my head and told her I was going to Retiro. Later, I finally found a taxi which took me to Retiro, etc. but this is not important because I want to talk about the best part about the day, and no it was not the fact that I did not get lost in Buenos Aires for the first time.

Caminamos debajo de la lluvia, embarrándome las zapatillas blancas (bueno, ya no son blancas después de la We Color y todo lo que camine ahí (Mery, te estoy mirando a vos)). Por dentro pensaba: Daleeeee, es la primera de muchas aventuras, daleeee vamos a ponerle onda a esto y seguí luchando contra la lluvia y el barro. Después de un par de cuadras, por fin llegamos al estadio, por fin iba a ver a Coldplay. No soy fan loca de la banda como soy de Ed Sheeran o Taylor Swift, pero es una de esas banda que me traen paz, es una de esas bandas que todos aman, y era “one in a life time chance” (como Adventure of a Lifetime, ja ja ja). Entonces fui con mi hermana. Eran las 6 de la tarde y recién empezaba a las 9, me senté ahí, sin señal y espere.
We walk under the rain, getting my white sneakers (lies, they are not white anymore after the We Color, and everything I walked there (I’m looking at you, Mery)) dirty with mud. On the inside I was thinking: come ooooooon, this is the first of many adventures, let’s do it, and continue fighting against the rain and the mud. After a few blocks, we finally got to the stadium, I was finally going to see Coldplay. Now, I’m not a crazy fan like I am with Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, but it is one of that bands that gives me peace, it is one of those bands that everyone loves, and it was one in a life time chance (like Adventure of a lifetime ha ha ha). So I went with my sister. It was only 6pm and the show was supposed to start at 9pm, so I sat there, without any phone signal and waited.

El segundo que el concierto empezó yo ya estaba en otro mundo y acá es donde me pongo profunda y tiro mi opinión sobre los conciertos. Fui a una gran cantidad de conciertos en mi vida desde Miley Cyrus hasta Paul McCartney (créeme, mejor concierto de la vida), y todos, todos me dejaron en ese trance, después y durante, de “amo lo que está pasando, amo poder estar acá, amo mi vida.” Son dos horas nada mas de toda tu vida, pero dos horas que no te pasa nada, dos horas que no existen tus problemas, son dos horas de tu vida que te olvidas del mundo, lo único que importa es la banda que está ahí adelante. Esas dos horas, te olvidas que tenes un trabajo practico para el 18 de abril o de la existencia de tu ex o de que te peleaste con una amiga, te olvidas de todo y por dos horas tenes un sentimiento de que sos invencible, un sentimiento de que no hay nada malo en el mundo, un sentimiento de que no existen los problemas. Esto es lo que importa en serio de los conciertos, que estas en otro universo, un universo sin caos y solo felicidad. Obvio, que está bueno tener a Chris Martin soplándote en la cara, o tener la púa de Ed Sheeran, pero aunque Chris parezca una hormiga, esa hormiga te esta sacando de tus problemas por dos horas.
The second the show started I was already in another world and here is where I become deep and tell you my thoughts on concerts. I went to a lot of concerts in my life from Miley Cyrus to Paul McCartney (believe me, best concert ever), and all of them gave me that feeling where I kept thinking “I love what is happening, I love being here, I love my life”, during and after the show. They are only two hours of your life, but two hours where you forget about the world, the only thing that matters is that band in front of you. Those two hours you forget you have a project due April 18th, you forget your ex exist or that you argue with a friend, you forget about everything and for two hours you feel invincible, you feel like that there is nothing wrong in the world, you feel like there are no problems. This is what is so important about concerts that you are in another universe, a universe without chaos and there is only happiness. Of course, it is amazing that Chris is blowing his last breathe after “Viva la Vida”  on your face or that you have Ed Sheeran’s pick, but even if Chris looks like an ant, that ant is allowing you to forget your problems for two hours.

Ahora sobre Coldplay. Coldplay es la banda que todos conocen, nadie te puede decir que no saben quiénes son, nadie te va a decir que no conoce por lo menos una canción y nadie, pero absolutamente nadie te va a decir “apaga esa canción, no me gusta” (y si lo conoces, sentalo y decile que se replantee su vida porque así no funciona la cosa). La banda toca durante las dos horas, y no es que solo toca, sino que te parras en la mitad del concierto y pensas “no puede ser”, te deja sin palabras.  Pero no solo la manera que tocan es increíble, sino que el juego de luces que hacen con las pulseras que te dan en la entrada, te hacen frenar y mirar alrededor del estadio y darte cuenta de lo lindo que es que todas esas luces son personas con la misma pasión por Coldplay que vos, darte cuenta que no estás solo. Además de todo esto cabe agregar que las dos horas que tocaron fueron bajo la lluvia, un punto extra para Coldplay.
Now about Coldplay, Coldplay is a band that everyone knows, nobody can tell you that they don’t know who they are, nobody is going to tell you that they don’t know at least one song and nobody will ever say “turn off that song, I don’t like it” (and if you know someone like that, sit with them and tell them to evaluate their life, because that is not how life works). The band played for two hours, and is not that they just play, you stand in the middle of the show and think “this is not real,” it leaves you wordless, breathless. But not only the way they play is amazing, but the light show they do with the bracelet they give you at the entrances, makes you stop and look around the stadium, to realize how beautiful it is that all those light are people you share the same passion as you, you realize you are not alone. I must add that, the two hours they played, they played the under the rain, an extra point for Coldplay.

A lo que vengo con todo esto, no es presumir que fui a ver a Coldplay, pero hay varias cosas que quiero destacar antes de ir a ver Supergirl. Primero, el sentimiento que te da un concierto es único, mi recomendación es nunca dejes de ir a un concierto, si podes comprar la entrada, tenes tiempo y te gusta el artista, anda porque nada se compara con el sentimiento que te deja. Segundo, Coldplay es una banda que está haciendo historia, de la misma manera que The Beatles, entonces cuando mis nietos me pregunten si yo escuchaba Coldplay les voy a contar de ellos, de la misma manera que mi abuela habla de The Beatles. Por último, quiero hablar más de estos momentos de mi vida, porque son esos momentos en los que yo siento las emociones más fuertes y en las que pienso como la escritora que me creo que soy “tengo que sentir todo esto para escribir”, entonces me gusta compartir todo esto con el mundo, y espero que el mundo también.
I did not write all this just to brag about seeing Coldplay live, but I want to point out a few things before I am off to watch Supergirl. First,  the feeling a concert gives you is unique, my advice: is go to a concert every chance you can, if you can buy a ticket, if you have time and if you like the artist, go because nothing compares to the feeling it gives you. Second, Coldplay is a band that is making history, just like The Beatles, so when my grandchildren and ask me about Coldplay, I’ll tell them all about it the same way my grandmother tells me about The Beatles. Lastly, I want to talk more about this type of moments in my life, because there are moments where my emotions are strong and where I think as a writer “I feel all of this, so that I can write later about it,” so I like to share with the world and I hope the world likes it too.